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Photo 11 Aug 15 notes This is some funny SH#T! That an interesting way to put that into this context! 
Here are some more cool quote bout being strong

This is some funny SH#T! That an interesting way to put that into this context! 

Here are some more cool quote bout being strong

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Too funny! 

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Dude this guy is heavy on the dreams and their meanings..

Text 15 Jul 3 notes A Few Things To Know About Dream Interpretation

Are you wondering what your recurrent dreams mean?

Dream interpretation is a very complex science but you can learn to interpret some simple dreams. Keep reading if you want to find out what your dreams really means.

There are few keys you should know to better understand your dreams. Some symbols or elements tend to mean the same thing for everyone because they have a universal meaning. Keep in mind that dream interpretation is mostly about interpreting the way the dream makes you feel rather than focusing on the actual content of the dream, which is sometimes hard to remember.

Usually, a bad dream is a reflect of stressful situations you are experiencing. If you often wake up and experience stress or terror, your dreams are caused by anxiety that resurfaces when you are asleep. Try identifying what could be causing this anxiety and find a solution to your problems. Nightmares are usually a sign that you feel overwhelmed and do not see a way to get rid of your stress in real life.

A very common dream includes flying or falling. The sensation of flying is very freeing and is usually association with the desire to realize your potential. You will probably experience this common dream if you are excited about a project, such as a new job or moving to a new place. Falling is the fear that you will not be able to accomplish what you want. A low self esteem or stress can be responsible for the dreams where you fall.

Your brain is not able to imagine a face you have never seen before. All the people you see in your dreams have a face you noticed before, even if it was just a passer-by  Do not worry if the people present in your dream act out of character or if you do not understand why you dream about people who do not really matter to you. The faces you put on people who appear in your dream are sometimes random.

Learn to recognize yourself in your dreams. You probably have a body and a voice in most of your dreams but your self is represented in other forms. For instance, a baby or a young child is usually a representation of yourself. This representation is often present if you feel weak and lost. Buildings are another common representation of the self. This one is a lot more complex since each feature or level of the building represents a different aspect of your self. If you dream you are exploring a house, this is probably a reference to exploring your psyche.

Dream interpretation is a fascinating topic. You should get into the habit of writing down your dreams as soon as you wake. Write down as many details as possible so you can interpret the dream accurately later. Focus on how the dream made you feel but you can find some helpful tips by referring to how other interpret the elements you encountered.

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